About Stephanie

COMMUNICATION DESIGNStephanie is pursuing her Master of Fine Arts in Communication Design at Texas State University. What is Communication Design? It is kinda like graphic design on steroids. Students in the program go way beyond learning how to use Photoshop; this program teaches designers to become problem solvers. So instead of just “making it pretty,” when Stephanie is creating your brochure or logo, she will ask questions like, “How will this be used? What is the end goal? Where will it be seen?” She will do research, sketch out several ideas, and refine until she has a solid piece of design that will best work for you and your organization.
DESIGN APPROACH |  Stephanie’s approach to design is to engage with her clients to imagine and explore multiple solutions to their design problems. This collaborative discovery process gives Stephanie the tools to create visuals that boldly represent each client’s identity.
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