Four things designers can learn from anthropologists

A group of students bustled around the first floor of the Comal building at Texas State University. Already, I could tell these weren't normal college students. They were smartly dressed and fully alert at 9am on a Saturday morning. I grabbed my name tag and made a beeline for the coffee. As I munched on … Continue reading Four things designers can learn from anthropologists

Flea Markets and Postmodernism

On any given Saturday afternoon in the 90s, my family could be found rummaging through a garage sale or hitting the road to some little downtown to explore the antique shops. Department stores, with their carefully selected, priced, and arranged items were not for us. We were after unique items with a story that spoke … Continue reading Flea Markets and Postmodernism

Defining Postmodernism

Rick Poyner writes in No More Rules that “Postmodernism cannot be understood without reference to modernism.” (Poyner, 2003, p. 10). Therefore, as a design theory, I define postmodernism as an extension of modernism: postmodern design is an expansion of typographic rules and an evolution of spacial understanding. For starters, in typography even the rebellious Wolfgang … Continue reading Defining Postmodernism