Affordable Housing Explained by Data Viz

This project has since been revised and presented at Austin Design Week, and it will be presented at SXSW in March 2019!

Housing in Austin is a little insane. Long-time residents are being pushed out. New arrivals find themselves living outside of Austin and commuting in. Apartments are readily available and growing in number, but these are not ideal for families with school-age children.

The lack of affordable housing is a complex problem closely related to things like wages/income, education, transportation, and Austin’s history of systemic segregation. The city of Austin, like many big cities in the U.S., has implemented a suite of Density Bonus Programs to incentivize developers to build affordable housing units (houses, duplexes, apartments, ACUs, etc.).

This interactive data visualization is an introduction to a few of Austin’s top-performing Density Bonus Programs to date.

Click here to explore the interactive data set!

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NOTE: This project was completed in partial fulfillment of the MFA in Communication Design degree, Texas State University, ARTC 5360K, Data Visualization with Mihyun Kim.