UX + UI Design: CARTS Transportation

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This project was for ARTC 5360L, UX Design with Grayson Lawrence. Using Jeff Gothelf’s Lean UX: Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience and IBM’s Design Thinking Field Guide the class tackled problems on CARTS rural transportation website. CARTS is a public bus transportation system that serves the rural areas surrounding Austin, TX. It helps connect people to the major transportation systems (Capital Metro and Greyhound) in Austin and San Marcos.
The result of this 2-day design sprint was a prototype of a website design. The goal was to think of ways to help CARTS attract new users and to posit some ideas for improving their site’s overall organization.


Online Interactive Prototype.

Pitch Deck: Long_CARTS_PitchDeck

UX/UI App Design

As part of an introductory User Experience (UX) course at Texas State University, Stephanie designed a few screens of an app she called “The Tool Box.” It was designed to be an app for neighbors to borrow and lend tools. The purpose of the assignment was to get a quick and dirty intro to UX/UI design, persona building, planning, and user testing.
Click here to view thumbnail sketches and roughs.