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Strategic Plan: College of Business and Technology Recruitment and Retention

As an Academic Advisor in the College of Business and Technology (CBT), I devised a comprehensive plan for recruitment and retention of freshmen students. The purpose was to design, implement, and evaluate methods of reaching incoming freshmen for the greater goal of retaining them as students at the University of Texas at Tyler. The plan included several initiatives including social media, customer service training, and a survey of potential leavers.

Below are a few sample pages of touch points and activities. Please download and read the enitre Plan here: CBT Recruitment & Retention Plan 2012-2013.



Publication Design

This was a class project, but the artist is quite real: Kourtney Marie Cecilia Hughes, a graduate of Pratt Institute and alumnus of The University of Texas at Tyler. The final design mimicked Kourtney’s thesis piece,  Intrusions


Spring 2013 (MCOM 3312)